This website showcases a selection of images in black and white and colour taken from my recent photo shoots in Italy. You can find photos of mermaids, princesses, angels and dark angels, beautiful farmhands, ballerinas, sensual musicians and painters and artistic nudes. Many of my photos portray a world that no longer exists. Some are inspired by the vintage glamour photography of the 50's/60's and have a cinematic style while others portray the wonderful world of fantasy.
Although this website is basically a photo gallery, you will find some tips for portrait photography including studio lighting setups.
There's a page which explains the basics of shooting in manual mode and touches on the three variables: aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how they work together to achieve a correct exposure. Hopefully those who are interested in portrait photography and photography in general will find these pages useful.
All views expressed in my website are personal opinions since every photographer works in his/her own unique way.